My name is Jack Boxer and I’m marketing specialist situated in the United Kingdom. I’ve made a lot of money in the marketing consulting world and I’m now creating this website to give back to the marketing community. Over the coming months I will be designing the site itself (to make it look a lot prettier) and writing a blog that you can read to get a better idea of what you can achieve from your marketing efforts.

A quick bit about me

I have worked in a number of companies across the globe, doing everything from data analysis, accounting, investing, FARMING, before coming to a ground in the marketing world. I found this is what I prefer to do, and is something I am good at, being paid a good wage to help large multi national companies with their long term marketing tactics.

I studied in the UK, before moving on to work with Ghost Marketing headed up by Tom Buckland who is an SEO expert and knows everything about how the search engines work and the best way to market to them. After this I decided I would be best suited to be a marketing consultant and go down the self employed route.

I have a number of large corporate clients (all NDA unfortunately) that I help with their strategy marketing, which nowadays featured more viral marketing campaigns using social media and online methods to explode visitors.

I’ve helped sites produce crazy spikes in their traffic, with one recent article producing a massive spike in my brand new client’s websites (it went straight to 2,000) and received over 20,000+ unique visitors within 3 weeks, all from 1 article that took about 1 hour to write! That’s the power of the new marketing techniques I use. (apologies for the fuzzy image!)

Traffic figures screenshot


Although I am currently not taking on any new clients I would like to take this time to personally welcome you to my website and invite you to have a look at the blog or contact me if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading

Jack Boxer.